About the Developer:

My name is Miki, and I love photography, art, traveling, and sharing my knowledge with other people.
I captured all the high-quality images and videos, and gathered all of the hidden gem information to help others discover beautiful hidden gems.


How to contact the Developer:

For business or general inquiries: thesugarcoder@gmail.com


Why I created this website:


  • I was inspired to create SugarCoder after working at a tech company in the San Francisco bay area. “Sugar + Coder” is based on my passion for baking and technology. I wanted to document my journey related to baking, technology, art and traveling, so I can remember the things I learned and teach others, too.

Hidden Gems

  • I created Hidden Gems because I wanted to find hidden gems faster, and not waste time curating travel websites with too much information…..only to come up short of information due to lack of accuracy, lack of consistency, and low quality and irrelevant images.
  • Therefore, I made the Hidden Gems website to help myself and other people navigate hidden gems faster, and provide accurate, consistent information with high quality and relevant images.


My personal Hidden Gems pain points:

  • One time, I went to a hidden gem and no one (online) mentioned that the onsite parking lot is “cash only”. Since that hidden gem is an hour away from the nearest town and located in the middle of nowhere, it is very inconvenient if you did not bring cash for parking. Fortunately, I scraped by enough coins and dollar bills that I met the parking lot fee requirement. Although there is limited parking right outside of the hidden gem (on the side of a highway), it is a 2 mile hike to the hidden gem.
  • Another time, I went to a hidden gem and no one (online) mentioned that hidden gem only accepts cash for parking. On top of that, there is no one onsite to provide change. So if you didn’t bring the exact amount, then you will overpay. Unfortunately, I only had a $20 bill, so I ended up overpaying by 2x.
  • Also, there are hidden gems that are not children or pet friendly, nor is wheelchair-accessible. I believe that these details are important to know before traveling to a hidden gem.


How accurate are the Hidden Gems on this website?

The information is accurate because I visited the gem locations and took all of the images with my digital camera.

Other travel websites allow users to submit images, which may not be accurate or contains low quality, mismatched, and irrelevant images (for example: people uploaded images of themselves showing their finger, feet, the sky, them laying on their bed……totally random and irrelevant to the hidden gem).


Who is this website made for?


Contents related to baking, art, lifestyle and technology may be useful for people who like to bake, create art, and enjoy life.

If you like desserts or food decorating, follow my brand, SugarCoder –> YouTubeInstagramFacebook


Hidden Gems

Contents related to Hidden Gems may be useful to photographers and travelers.

I hope that my Hidden Gems website will help you with planning your hidden gems adventure, and that you will have a fun time discovering new places.

Life is a journey, so have fun. You only live once! ^_^