Welcome to Hidden Gems!

This is a website with beautiful hidden gems, and it was created for photographers, travelers, and hikers.

How to use this website:

Click on “Menu”, and then select the down arrow next to “Hidden Gems” to discover hidden gems in the San Francisco Bay Area and Kyoto, Japan. More locations will be added in the near future.

What is a Hidden Gem?

Hidden gems are beautiful places that not many people know about. For example, Moraga Steps and Marin Headlands (in the San Francisco Bay Area) are hidden gems.

Other phrases for hidden gems are “diamond in the rough”, “undiscovered places”, “hidden treasures” and “off the beaten path”.

What is a Popular Gem?

Popular gems are lovely places that a lot of people know about. For example, Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower (in the San Francisco Bay Area) are popular gems.

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